Top 10 Custom Closet Designs That Are Setting New Trends

The custom closets of today have come a long way from what they used to be in the past. They are more than just storage space to keep your clothes, accessories, shoes and other stuff organized. They also play a vital role in home decor and modern homeowners pay a lot of attention when it comes to designing closets.

Closet Clothes

Here are the top 10 custom closet designs that are setting new trends:

  1. The latest trend is to up the glamour quotient by adding accent lights and maybe a chandelier to your walk-in closet. By lighting up the space using decorative equipment, you can add more luxury to space and make it stand out from the rest of your home.
  2. While blacks and greys do have their timeless appeal, people are increasingly turning towards the lighter and airy accents when it comes to closets. While the darker colors like chocolate and mahogany bring a sense of warmth to the house, lighter colors can brighten up the area and make the house look more spacious.
  3. Mirrors have an essential role to play when designing custom closets and some of the latest trends are towards using mirrors creatively. They not only give a finished look to the custom closets but also add to the glam factor.
  4. A built-in hamper is a complete necessity when you are trying to create a custom closet that meets all your organizing needs. Instead of an unsightly bog basket full of dirty clothes and linen, you can add a built-in hamper, which is so much more convenient.
  5. Adding valet rods is another excellent option that really works wonders as it gives you the freedom to expand your storage space when needed. They work perfectly fine for the outdoor clothes and as extra space when need to put some clothes away.
  6. Closet corners are another fantastic trend that not only looks cool but also makes the best use of those challenging spaces in your home. You can now turn those corners of your house into usable areas for storage.
  7. Shoes are re-inventing their importance in the custom closet design, and the house owners are more than willing to have a separate space for their collection of shoes.
  8. Wall accents can add more fun to the walk-in closets by not only enhancing their overall appeal but also making them more inviting. You can also add a pop of color to your regular bedroom closets to make them stand out as a part of your room decor.
  9. Staging areas are becoming an essential part of custom closets, and they are creatively designed to be functional and also stand out as a means to showcase your new collection.
  10. The use of solid wood and intricate designs are back in fashion. Homeowners are seeking millworkers who can listen to what they have in mind and turn it into a well-craved and breathtaking reality.

What To Look For In Company That Builds Custom Closet

To have custom closets made for your home, you will first need to hire a company that excels in the job. It’s very important to make sure the company has been in business for long enough and have their own factory or work area.

Ask them if you can visit their factory and talk to the master woodworkers. Always look for a company that readily shares information with you and is happy to take your suggestions and inputs while creating the designs.

Take for example this company that creates custom closets in Edmonton, Alberta. You can check out their gallery at  to see some of the attractive custom closet and cabinet designs. They excel in offering millwork and cabinetry services for every space in the house that needs to be transformed.

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