Peace, Love and Couture

Designers are embracing the couture creativity of tie dye this summer. The retro art form hypnotizes the senses in mystery and sexy sophistication. Tie-dye is no longer about counterculture but about erotisicm and peace in your own self- confidence.

Haute Hippie 

tie-dye couture



Provocative Presence

tie-dye couture



Tempting Tie Dye

tie-dye couture


Bewitching Boho

tie-dye couture


Couture Canvas

tie-dye couture

Photos: Alfyn Photography

Text: Isha Casagrande

Makeup: Jayme Ward

Model: Kaitlin Madewell

The Couture Closet is a style house in which you can shop the boutique or work with experienced stylists who can help you turn your wardrobe into a fashionistas dream while sticking to a budget. They know style is not about what label you are wearing, but in how confident you feel in what you are wearing.

This article originally appeared in the August issue of Reno Tahoe Tonight.

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