Confident Clicks

Isha Casagrande

There is nothing prettier in this world than a woman wearing self confidence. She glows. She loves. She holds her head high and offers a welcoming smile to everyone she comes into contact with. She laughs daily and offers compliments to others. She is inside every one of us

.The Couture Closet Reno


Get your “click” on this holiday season by trying these simple techniques. Love yourself and your individuality and you will always get the perfect shot.

1. Push your tongue against the roof of your mouth and top teeth when smiling.

The Couture Closet Reno

2. Angle your face slightly.

The Couture Closet Reno


3. Pull your shoulders back and practice good posture.

The Couture Closet Reno


As seen in RTT Magazine

Text by Isha Casagrande
Photos by Alfyn Photography
Make Up by Dahlia at Jensen & Co. Salon
Models – Kelly Rotter, Leslie Marshall, Denise Banks, Lanette Katre, Isha Casagrande, Shanda Golden and Dahlia.

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