Strange Bikini 2This article originally appeared in the May 2016 issue of Reno Magazine.


With summer approaching, it’s time to get ready for poolside lounging and sandy shores. Which means it’s time to commence swimsuit shopping. I get it: The process seems daunting; nerves are high. That’s why I’m sharing with you some tools to help you leave the store feeling undeniably fabulous.

The best way to guarantee a successful outing is to fly solo. Shopping on your own brings clarity and allows the focus to remain on what you think looks good (or doesn’t) on you. Swimsuit shopping can already make you feel vulnerable, so roll with your entourage another time. If you really need an opinion on a great find, try it on first, then return with a friend.

Now, heading out solo doesn’t mean sacrificing the fun. Consider your shopping excursion as a date to spoil yourself. Beforehand, stir up mimosa, play some feel-good tunes, get a spray tan or get your hair and makeup one. Walk out the door confident and ready to take on the fitting rooms.


FABRIC AND FITStrange Bikini 1

Preparation also is essential to creating a positive shopping trip. Research trends for your shape to better understand how pieced will fit your body type. Be realistic: Every style might not compliment you figure, but avoid focusing on failures. There are plenty of successful fits to be discovered, too.

In the store, be aware of swimsuit materials. Are they thin? Thick? Stretchy? Will they loosen in the water?

It’s imperative to consider how comfortable you’ll be. A swimsuit can look incredible for two minutes in a dressing room, but how will it last over many trips to the beach?  Focus on how you feel rather than on how you look.

If you’re prepared to strut through the sand, you’re onto something great. And remember, as with any clothing, quality over quantity, always. Spending $50 to $70 is worth it because the suit will last longer and fit better. You can even create your own swimsuit. Strange Bikinis, a local design outfit, will fashion custom swimsuits tailored to your expectations. Contact them through

“We believe in accepting your body and celebrate all body types,” says owner Alli Strange. “From bikini bottoms to full coverage, you are empowered to wear whatever you like.



The best time to get deals on swimsuits is August or September. In any season, stay away from ordering online. Physically trying on suits is vital to making a solid choice.

Overall, be kind yourself. Don’t allow swimsuit shopping to become overwhelming. Maintain a positive attitude. The best season is around the corner, and with your new swimsuit, enjoy the sun-kissed glow.

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