no time to shop? we can do it for you!

You are a busy woman on the go. You need fashion to come to you. That’s why you need fashion to come to you. Every month, we will deliver six to eight couture pieces and additional accessories to your door, in your size, ready to wear with photos. You choose the ones you want and send back the rest.Our personal stylists select pieces unique to your lifestyle and send you photos on how to maximize each piece by mixing and matching every item. You select the pieces that you love and we pick up the rest. There is a small service fee that is waived if you purchase 3 or more pieces.


  1. Complete a Style & Image Questionnaire.
  2. Every single piece that is delivered to your door is personally selected by Reno’s professional fashion stylist Isha Casagrande, a fashion and personal packaging expert with more than 16 years of experience. And no, you won’t see a lot of stuff that isn’t you. Isha gets to know you, all of you, and selects pieces that will mix and match directly into your wardrobe. A subscription box can’t do that.
  3. Get it on a Friday in time for the weekend. Get comfortable with the pieces you want and package up the rest. We’ll come pick it up on Monday. You only pay for what you keep.
  4. Simple economics. $25 a month, six to eight fashions are delivered to on Fridays between 4 PM and 6 PM unless you set a different time up with us. Rescue another busy friend and for your referral generosity you will get a $25 boutique shopping credit.
Cost: $25 Crusin’ Couture fee (Fee is waived if you buy 3 or more pieces)
Delivery: On a Friday of your choice between 4-6pm, unless otherwise requested.

Special occasion delivers available upon request.