Great style doesn’t have to be complicated. He knows he can keep it casual or turn it up a notch. Whether he’s cruising in a convertible or kicking back with a cocktail, he radiates both confidence and charm. Everyone notices this eye-candy when he walks in the room.


Aggressive Allure



Casually Confident



cruise Control




Power Play



Rugged & Raw


TextIsha Casagrande

Photos: Alfyn Photography  

Model: Drew Di Lillio

Hair: Brian Campbell, Barber from Beautiful Bearded Men


Beautiful Bearded Men encompasses the classic side of barbering. They stick to true traditions with a straight razor shave. There’s no fluff and puff here—this barber serves beer and whiskey straight up. Prices range from $21-30. Located in The Basement, Downtown Reno. 775-787-6800.


This article originally appeared in the June issue of Reno Tahoe Tonight.

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