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Style is about self-confidence and self-confidence is about comfort. We all approach life in a positive light when we are comfortable in what we are wearing. The key to couture is wearing looks that fit your body and your lifestyle. Before spending money on trends of the season, open your wardrobe and take a peek at all of the fabulousness that might be hiding in your closet.

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  1. Pick a day to try everything on in your closet. Add bubbles and you will have a lot more fun!
  2. If you do not love something, get rid of it!!!!!
  3. Add boutique touches with paint, wallpaper, rugs, lighting and furniture.
  4. Use uniform hangers (felt lined) so that everything hangs at one level.
  5. Bring in adequate lighting through chandeliers, LED lights and natural sunlight.
  6. Create an inspiration board of looks you love to hang in your closet,
  7. Organize all foldables and hangables by color from dark to light and long sleeve to short.
  8. Pick your 8 favorites pieces and build from there. Think like color groups with lots of texture.
  9. Now pick some basics in the color groupings above and to the pile.
  10. Add accessories – Every women should have a gold necklace and gold bangles and a silver necklace with silver bangles. Every shoe should match a belt.
  11. Create looks considering the 2 piece rule. If two pieces (preferably shoes and belt) match you can mix anything in-between.
  12. Create a list of what you are missing. Invest in pieces that will compliment your wardrobe.

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For additional information on help shopping your closet check out TheCoutureClosetReno,com or visit us inside the Plumgate Shopping Center on the corner of Plumb and Arlington.

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