first impressions are key to your success!

You may not think style is an important factor to your company, but first impressions can determine your success. The moment we step into a business we scan the environment and start evaluating. Judgements are based on decor, cleanliness and appearance of employees just to name a few. Body language is as important as what you are wearing. When a person feels self confident they are more approachable, more efficient and more passionate about everything they do. Appearance speaks volumes before we even say a word. Companies committed to success need to consider the image factor. You wouldn’t have a dress code if you didn’t care.
Isha Casagrande has more than 16 years of experience consulting individuals and companies on personal and executive style.

Let us come in and transform your public and private image through fashion.

  • Dress code development and writing
  • Dress code training administration
  • Company culture-based styling
  • Using employees’ current wardrobes to build examples on how to dress to fit the company culture and image

Cost: Each event is unique and customized to fit your goals. Call (775) 432-1869 for more information.