Self confidence is the best accessory you can wear but when you pair it with the haute fall trend, the choker, you have a look that screams couture! The 90’s trend necklace is back and it is sexier than ever. The updated choker is delicate and feminine with an edgy vibe. Many fall and winter… Read More

Peace, Love and Couture Designers are embracing the couture creativity of tie dye this summer. The retro art form hypnotizes the senses in mystery and sexy sophistication. Tie-dye is no longer about counterculture but about erotisicm and peace in your own self- confidence. Haute Hippie      Provocative Presence     Tempting Tie Dye  … Read More


Groomed Great style doesn’t have to be complicated. He knows he can keep it casual or turn it up a notch. Whether he’s cruising in a convertible or kicking back with a cocktail, he radiates both confidence and charm. Everyone notices this eye-candy when he walks in the room.   Aggressive Allure   Casually Confident… Read More


FLIRT Less isn’t always more. She knows you can spark interest by leaving a little to the imagination. She’s the girl across the room that everyone notices. Between subtle gestures and bold stares, there’s an undeniable confidence when she walks down the street. A simple touch of sexiness goes a long way in her quest… Read More